These resources are meant for you to utilize to it's fullest potential. Please do email me any queries via [email protected] should you have any queries. I'll be more than happy to reply to you. However, please give me some buffer time of 3-5 Working Days as I also have my work to do.

Diving deep in Git
Finished learning the basics of git? You should really dive into the deeper contents lying within git in order to bring git's use to its full potential.
CSharp Cheatcodes
This is for anyone who's interested in learning more about the foundation of C#.
.NET Core Project Mini Example
This project is based on .NET Core 1.0, so if you're interested in learning more about it , you'll have to update the whole source code to the latest version in order to run it with the IDE's runtime. This project is a basic backend system for managing products, categories and brands of a pet store web system and uses Cloudinary's API to upload and store images of each product or brand.
Java Web Crawler (I call it Wrawler)
This is a pure java-based web crawler that crawls both bing and google to retrieve search results along with it's result webpage and saves it as a serialized cache file for storage. Apart from that, the web crawler is able to multi thread and retrieve search results asynchronously.
Train Station Distance Calculator
This is a pure java-based distance calculator that uses Djikstra's algorithm to compute the theoretical distance between train stations to find the shortest way to a station. However, I'm unable to properly create the distance calculator properly and my skill level during that point of time was considerably low in terms of java knowledge. Thus, I might be able to fix it right now but I don't have much time to do so. If you really want me to work on it, do let me know!